Roasted Green Pozole (Date Night In)

Ashley’s book Date Night In is really inspiring.

The recipes are incredibly well thought, creative, and explained in a way that the new ingredients don’t seem scary. 

I don’t think I would have picked a recipe that involved Tomatillos (or Hominy) if it hadn’t been in this book. They are so precious at the market, and their light green paper thin leaves that cover them make them look fragile.

When I peeled the leaves off the tomatillos and quartered them, I loved how bright they were, and the smell of summer that they gave off, like homegrown tomatoes picked slightly too early, with a few green spots that managed to stay hidden from the sun.

It felt like I was cooking with produce from the garden, on a hot july night, and made me nostalgic for the summers when I was growing up, when would leave France for a month to stay at my grandmas house in Kansas City, and I spent my days playing with sidewalk chalk and picking the tomatoes with a few green splotches.

This green pozole is amazing and has such a nice fresh and complex flavor you often miss in soups.

I tucked myself into a blanket on the couch with my soup, and flipped through the pages of the book, thinking up all the cooking projects and dates this book will bring this year. I think we need two dates a week just to keep up with all the recipes I want to make.

You can find the recipe here, or in date night in.


(me and my grandparents)

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