New Friday Series: On My Shelf: Paris to Provence

This is the first post of On my Shelf a friday series reviewing my cookbook collection (Although maybe it should be called “on my sofa/table/floor” because the books are rarely where they belong) I hope it inspires you to try one of these books, or to pick up one of your old favorites and get cooking!
Tittle: Paris to Provence
Authors: Ethel Brennan & Sara Remington
How I got it: This cookbook was gifted to me by my grandmother a couple years ago. She loves french food even more than I do, and this was an excellent choice. She found it at Anthropology, one of our favorite stores to find new cookbooks.
Favorite recipes: Tarte Au Pommes (French Apple Tart p.34), Tarte Tropezienne (Creme Tart P.38), Tomates Provencales (Stuffed Tomatoes p.53), Aioli (56), Salad de Chevre chaud (Goat Cheese Salad p.59), Les soldats (Boiled eggs and bread sticks p.60), Fraise au vin rouge (Strawberries in red wine p.67), Croque Madame (recipe below), Grenadine a l’eau (Grenadine drink p.125), Citron Givre (Lemon sorbet p.132), Pain au Chocolat (146), Sandwitch au tomates (tomato sandwiches p.147), Madeleines (155), Fromage Blanc (Sweet farmer’s cheese p.156), Grougere (Cheese puffs p.158), Iles Flotantes (floating islands cream p.197), Roses Des Sables (Chocolate cereal treats p.200).
Why it belongs on my shelf: This cookbook is so beautiful, and is my favorite cookbook about france because it includes every single recipe I seem to long for. I love that the tittles are in french and the recipes are in english and use volume measurements. The photographs are really well done and take you in to that part of the country where the dish is from. The narrative is about two girls who grew up spending summers in france, and it parallels my experiences with french foods so perfectly, from the cold glasses of grenadine, to the picnics with ham and butter sandwiches by the beach.

Recipe: Grenadine A l’eau/ Grenadine Drink
This drink is what I drank at Aperitif (french cocktail hour) growing up, and we always had a bottle of syrup in the pantry. When we went out to dinner, my mother always ordered a “diabolo Fraise” a fizzy version of this drink with strawberry syrup instead of pomegranate and with lemon flavored fizzy water. Now, making this drink at home I like to add a dash of bitters to cut the sweetness and add an interesting spicy flavor.

Real Grenadine Syrup or Pomegranate Syrup
Water (or Lemon Perrier for a diabolo)

In a glass, add ice to the top and pour 1 tsp grenadine syrup. Add a dash of bitters and top with water or perrier. Use a spoon to stir gently. Enjoy, preferably on a terrace in the sun.

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