Secrets to Effortless Entertaining

Secrets to effortless entertaining:

1: Keep wine on hand. A few bottles in a cool, dry spot, a rose always chilled, and a bottle of sparkling for unexpected special occasions will make you a great host.

2: Buy yourself some flowers! Don’t wait to receive flowers to decorate your home. Instead get in the habit of picking some up when you’re out shopping. This will make your home always feel bright and lively.

3: Always keep a random selection of cheese. The key to the unexpected dinner party is cheese and wine. Just arrange all you have on a nice wooden board, and pull out some jam and olives.

4: Keep nice bread on hand, and a couple kinds of seedy crackers. Makes easy quick breakfast as toast, and perfect for the hungry post work guests.

5: It’s okay to have people over for snacks and cocktails, or cheese and wine without cooking a full dinner after. Just call it: Apero! (your house happy hour!)

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