My Summer Rosé: Txakoli Rosado

House wines are great ways for restaurants to feature a lesser known grape, better deal, or a manager’s favorite wine. Why not apply these same concepts to your home when entertaining?

I love knowing that I have a couple bottles of my favorite rose on hand for unexpected evening parties on the porch, or for that time you completely forgot you invited that new friend from work over for the evening.

Rosé is easy to pair with just about any party snacks, and most people don’t have strong dislikes about this style of wine. Those who have told me they disliked Rosé followed their sentence with “because they are usually sweet, or remind me of sweet zin” which then I can be quick to assure them that my house Rosé is nice and dry, and is frizzante, adding a little effervescent bubble.

This summer, my house wine of choice is from Txakoli, Spain in the basque country. I like that I can find these bottles for around 20$ and that it is different from my also-well-loved Provence style Cinsault blend.

Txakoli Rosé are known for being high acid, and low alcohol, the perfect porch wine for those hot summer nights. You might find yourself drinking a whole bottle alone. The sand and clay soils of the region bring to the wine a crisp minerality well suited to the tart red fruit and lime aromas of the wine. You almost get a prickly pear, and wild aromas are easy to pick up with this one. Just like sticking your nose into a brand new fruit you didn’t know about. I just love it!

It’s also a great wine to get friends interested in new varieties as these spanish Rosé are composed of a combination of two Hondarribi grapes, both which I had never tried before this wine. There are only a few producers in Txakoli who make Rosé, but the demand is getting higher as more Americans are getting into the Rosé craze.

I love how different and interesting this wine is. It’s easy to spark many conversations around it. All you need next, is some friends and a nearby porch.

Find this Wine:

Ameztoi Rubentis Rosado, Txakolina, Spain
Online, or in St louis MO at Parker’s Table

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