Why I’m Putting LaCroix in all my summer cocktails

It’s so refreshing: There’s something about soda water that makes everything taste better. The carbonation mixed with ice really cools you down making for the perfect porch cocktails on a hot day.


It’s cheaper than fancy tonic: My favorite tonic Fever Tree is amazing, but I save it for fancy occasions as it is a little pricy. With la croix I can feel good about opening a can since I can buy a pack of them for under 5$ they are always cheap per can.


There’s a flavor for everything: Rum really loves the lime soda. I’ve been very happy with lemon lacroix in vodka drinks. Orange lacroix and a little cassis or OJ makes a great non-alcoholic mimosa.


It’s a quick twist on classics: You love mojitos? Try using a lime laCroix instead. A paloma with grapefruit lacroix is incredible. And an aperol spritz can be tailored to any flavor of soda really. This way even if you only have a few types of liquor, you can make plenty of variations on your favorite drinks.


It’s N/A so you can drink more of them: Adding soda or tonic to drinks has always been the way to keep the alcohol level down and help you to enjoy more without drinking too much. LaCroix makes it to where you can create all types of drinks for your non-drinking friends so they don’t have to sip on the same soda all night.




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