Here’s A 3 ingredient Lacroix Cocktail for Each Flavor

There’s a cocktail out there for every flavor of LaCroix: And I’ve got em all written out for you.
I love imagining all the highball glasses out there filled with ice and tiny bubbles

Of course you can use LaCroix to make really complex 10 ingredient drinks, but I really love the simplicity of just using three things, and with what you have on hand.

Here’s a cocktail for each flavor that may be laying around in your fridge:

Lime Lacroix + White Rum + Mint

Lemon LaCroix + Vodka + Campari

Orange LaCroix + Bourbon + Peychaud Bitters

Berry LaCroix + Vodka + Muddled Strawberry

Grapefruit LaCroix + Tequila + Grapefruit juice

Peach-Pear + Gin + Lemon juice

Coconut + White Rum + Pineapple Juice

Cran-Raspberry + Gin + Aperol

Apricot + Whiskey + Lime Wedge

Passion Fruit + Mezcal + Lime Juice

Mango + Tequila + OJ

Tangerine + Vodka + Lemon juice

Plain + Gin + Bitters

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