Why I bought an Entire Case of Small Cans of Coconut Milk


They are the perfect size: You want to add some to your morning coffee, perfect. You want to make rice pudding, perfect. You want to make coconut chicken, great. It’s always a manageable amount in that tiny can.


Large Opened cans can cause botulism: Every time I open a large can and don’t finish it I have to worry about getting a storage container out and transferring the leftover so i don’t store an open container in the fridge. That’s time wasted, and small cans avoid that altogether.


It’s a great deal on price: When you buy a case of something, you’re saving money on the price of each can. And with an item with a really long shelf life, you’re not losing anything.


I’ll never run out: I used to have to remember almost every week to add canned coconut to the list. Now I can use my most favorite ingredient without having to wonder if I was saving it for a special recipe later in the week.

We make more curries: Now that we always have the cans at hand, I’m very inclined to make a type of curry for lunch. I keep a few curry pastes in the fridge, and sometimes alternate with dry spices. I always keep chicken breasts in the freezer, so I love that it’s a meal I have to buy nothing for.


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