5 Friday Ideas to Start a Great Weekend in the Kitchen

Buy some Fresh Flowers: On the weekend you’re more likely to spend more time in the kitchen. Now you’ll have something beautiful to look at while you’re cooking, washing dishes, and enjoying dinner.


Clean the stovetop: During the week it’s easy to get behind on chores and forget the little things. Scrubbing the stovetop will make you feel better and more excited about weekend meals.


Start some cold brew: The weekends are a great time to switch up your usual coffee routine. I like to start cold brew on a Friday AM and know that sat and sun coffee is ready anytime!


Pick up a magazine: Getting inspired is a big part of a fun life in the kitchen. A quick browse on the new issue of my favorite cooking magazines can give me so many new ideas for weekend cooking.

Stock up on pie dough: I like to have a pie crust in the fridge on Fridays, because I know that by Sunday there will be plenty of leftovers I can transform into Monday lunch. I’ll fold veggies into a Shepard’s pie, or usually make a quiche.

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