Why I LOVE Vintage Cookbooks

With the opening of my little virtual bookstore HERE I wanted to share with you all why I started collecting vintage cookbooks in the first place, and why there are so special to me.


1.They remind me of a time I never knew. Many people I know were alive in the 60’s and 70’s but I didn’t have that chance, so these books teach me more about what that time was like. I love seeing the old ads, the “mail in” at the end of the book. It reminds me of a time I wish I was around to see.


2. The photographs are so unique. Vintage cookbook photographs teach me about what photography looked like through the years. I love learning the styles and being able to not pick up a book and guess the publishing year based on the colors and styling of a photo.


3.It teaches me forgotten recipes. Not all recipes should be remembered. The 60’s carried a lot of Jello based dishes I’m glad I don’t have to try. But reading through a book and finding a classic cookie I never knew about is exciting.


4.It reminds me of a simpler time in cooking. One where we didn’t have recipes right at our fingertips on our cell phones, where we didn’t feel the need to photograph everything we eat, and where friends would handwrite you a card to share that recipe you loved when you came over for dinner.


There’s so many reasons why vintage cookbooks are a forgotten treasure. For me, it’s the big bundle of nostalgia that gets me.

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