Eclipse Wine Pairings Based on Your Party Plans

So, you’re in Missouri, know the eclipse will be visible somewhere nearby and you plan to hit the road early Monday or stay with friends on Sunday to be ready with your solar glasses?

Well, pack a couple wine glasses too, because I’ve got your perfect wine to bring along.


The best wine paring for your eclipse plans:

How you chose to view the eclipse will say a lot about the style of wine you may want to bring along..


Camping in Nature: You got a tent, some flashlights, a couple backpacks full of snacks and you’re off to the woods to avoid the crowds and enjoy the eclipse in the company of your fellow hiking buddies.

How about checking out a few brands that carry nice wine in tetra packs. It used to be that only really poor examples of wine came in boxes and large jugs, but now with tetra packs you can carry wine easily with you camping, drink it up, and flatten it to put back in your bag instead of carrying around an empty bottle.

Think: reds, since you won’t have to keep them chilled.

A little Cabernet Sauvignon by the fire sounds rather nice, no?


Brunch with the Family: Seeing the eclipse with your family is a great plan. But then, mom tells you she’s making egg salad, and Aunty is bringing fried chicken, grandpa is going to barbecue and you’re in change of bringing dessert.

You must pick a wine that matches all of this, and feels festive all while pleasing many palates.

This might feel overwhelming, but luckily for you, there’s Riesling.

A off dry riesling is the perfect pairing for this type of spread because it holds all the elements you’ll need. The high acidity of riesling cuts through the richness of fattier dishes, while balancing creamy eggy dishes, the sweetness will cut the heat of the barbecue spice, and match the sugar content on the dessert.

So there you have it. The perfect wine to bring to any “family style” potluck gathering. Riesling for all!


Party with Friends: The eclipse bringing people from all over to your state is a great chance to catch up with those old friends from college days.

You plan to play lawn games, drink a bit too much, and discuss all that’s happened in the time since you’ve last seen them.

You’ll want a wine that is fun, can be sipped outside, and rather cheap so you can keep everyone happy.  You also need it to pair with potato chips, hot dogs, and party snacks.

Introducing: Frappato. Light bodied red from Sicily, drinks similar to a pinot noir. A lot of lush red fruits when young, a big more dried and floral as it ages. It’s got all the thirst-quenching power you need for an outside party sipper. You can find a bottle for pretty inexpensive, and it’s bound to please all the wine drinkers around.


Picnic Date: You’ve been talking to this girl for a while, and finally make a move to ask her to see the eclipse with you.  You’ve picked a park that will have a good view, you’ve packed some fancy pasta salad and sandwiches.

You want wine that impresses without trying too much. It has to say “I like you” without saying “I’m trying too much”. The answer: Sparkling wine in a can.

I’m not kidding. It’s the new trend, brands like Sophia and others are putting bubblies in a soda can, and selling six packs. Perfect for a picnic that way you can crush it up and take it home with you to recycle it. Scoring even more cool date points.



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