5 Ways to Learn About Wine: For Less than 1$

  1. Buy an old copy of The Wine Bible for 99cents on Amazon and get a highlighter ready. This was my first intro into wine. Over the course of several months, I read and marked all 910 pages.
  2. Armchair travel with google maps. You’ve always wanted to learn about where Port is made. Use google maps to explore street views of porto and pretend you’re on a wine vacation
  3. Attend an interesting free wine tasting at a local shop. While you’ll most likely leave with a new bottle, this is a great way to try wines you’ve never heard of before. Greek wine tasting? I’m in.
  4. Follow a cool wine blog. My favorite place to learn about wine for beginners is Wine Folly. Madeline uses great diagrams and photos to explain everything. And the whole blog is full of archives on just about any thing you might be wondering about wine!
  5. Buy a 99cent notebook and keep all your notes. I found that before I knew much about wine, writing all the new things done I read online made me so excited to see my progress.

What about you? What’s one way you’ve learned about wine on the SUPER cheap?

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