Following the Rush of New Hobbies

It’s so easy to get lost in the daily fluff of life; answering emails, working, exercising, that we can often forget how important our hobbies and free time activities can be.

Over the last year, I’ve dove deeply into understanding the impact my hobbies have on my life.

For me, my interests come in huge rushes and become almost an obsession for about a month before another old hobby picks up and takes its place.

For example, in May I was painting everyday and could not get enough of my watercolor free time. But as the next month came around I became obsessed with sewing again and making aprons.

At first, I used to feel bad when I traded hobbies. It felt like I wasn’t finishing my projects. Then I realize I always come back around to them with that same rush a few months later.

What about you? Do you feel a creative rush when you start a new project?

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