Keys to Planning a Vacation: Ahead of Time

We’re off to Maine next month, and I just can’t wait to swim in the freezing water, eat lobster, and explore Acadia national park.

While we’ve booked the plane tickets a year ago, now comes the time for the actual planning.

Here are the resources I’m using as I plan in bigger details what our vacation will look like:

  1. Pinterest. A quick search for “Acadia Park,  Maine” brought up enough reading material for a whole year! I’ve been sifting through and re-pining the activities, trails and restaurants that we may like to visit.
  2. Read a map! We’re headed to a town called Southwest Harbor, while is near Bar Harbor. Looking in depth at a map of Maine helped me situate how far we will be from the airport, and nearby cities we may want to visit.
  3. Read Trail reviews. I’m most excited about hiking inside of Acadia. While we will have plenty of trail options, looking them up ahead of time has given me an idea of which ones we will be interested in. Maine trails are known for steep inclines, as well as step ladder hiking. Yikes!
  4. Plan a budget. While flights, car, and other things are payed ahead of time. A large part of a vacation expense occurs once you get there. Planning a budget for food, activities, and entertainment helps everyone be on the same page as to which activities to chose. I’m looking forward to harvesting mussels on the cliffs at the beach. Free, plus you can eat them for dinner!

Do you have any tips for planning a great vacation?

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