Tying Up All Ends.. 45 Days until our Move to Denmark

A few friends and family members have asked me to share more about our experience as we are getting ready to move from Missouri, USA to Denmark, so I thought the blog would be a great place to organize all my thoughts, and keep everyone updated along the way.

Today, we are at the 45 day mark.
We keep track on our board, everyday erasing the “danish word of the day” and replacing it with a new, as well as knocking a day off the counter.

45 days feels like a long time, and yet, I know that time is approaching fast, and it will quickly be 30 days, then 10, and then 1.

This is my last weekend at work, after that, I am going to be spending the rest of the time saying goodbye to family, and friends near and far. The next month includes a trip to New York city to visit one of my best friends, as well as a road trip with my mom to Colorado to visit my sister.

At this point, more than ever before, the to-do lists feel long, and the items left to check off are big. We need to sell both of our cars, our bigger appliances, pack our 2 bags each, and the store everything else in boxes marked in order of importance, so that one day, we can return and bring back an extra suitcase along the way.

It’s a mix of emotions, on the one hand, the great excitement and joy of the big adventure, and on the other hand, knowing that we will miss Sazzie until we can find a place of our own and fly back to get her and knowing that the first year will most likely be very busy, so it might be a bit longer than we planned before we can visit back to see family. On the other hand, to think that 45 days from now we will be starting our new life, is so great. There are so many things we are looking forward to. It still feels a bit surreal that we get to live out this big dream of ours.

Packing everything, feels a bit harder than I thought, because even though we don’t have very many things, it’s still hard to decide what gets the final cut, when you only have a certain amount of space to pack it in. We realized that with the weight requirements of the checked bags, we probably can’t bring along any books after all.

I’m just going through every item, and deciding just how important it is. It’s funny which things I feel the most attached too, and it has been pretty bonding for Evan and I to be going through. We both have really special “ice cream” spoons we are taking along; mine an old silver large engraved spoon, his a smaller newer design he got during his travels. we’re both sad not to have our most special cooking pots and pans. It’s the small things that are difficult to decide

We’ve had big airline drama this week, and a few unplanned things to fix, but overall, everything is feeling really smooth for the transition.

Our big day is April 1, and we will arrive in Copenhagen Airport, after a layover in London on the evening of April 2nd to start this big new chapter in our life.
It feels so surreal to think that we make this decision over a year ago, and now there are only 45 days before it becomes real. So exciting.

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