Our Welcome to Denmark

We have been here for three weeks, and what a wonderful welcome to the country we have had. When we arrived at the airport we were greeted by Evan’s family and friends. One of our friends even brought a Danish flag to wave at our arrival.

We went to the island of Bornholm that night, where we are living for the summer. To go to the island from Copenhagen, you first have to take a train/bus/car to Sweden and then take the ferry to the island. The whole trip takes a bit over three hours, between the 1.5hr ride and the 1.5hr ferry.

On the island we were welcomed by Aunt Birte, and Doug who drove to Copenhagen to pick us up.

The first week we explored the island, including the beach and the closest town to the house, called Rønne.

That weekend, the cousins came to the island from Copenhagen and we were able to all spend time together!

After that weekend, we returned with the cousins to Copenhagen, for a week of fun together in the city! We did a lot of movie watching, beer drinking, and all around good time (unfortunately I caught a bad cold and was in bed most of the week)

We returned to the island this week and spent a lot of time cooking, and going on daily hikes guided by aunt Birte to all the beautiful sights on the island.

Yesterday was Ev’s birthday, so we spent the day all together at the spa/pool and then enjoyed carrot cake!


The weather is warming up, and everything is starting to look like spring!

Time to start riding my new bicycle around to explore!


Hope you all are well, missing everyone back home lots and I hope you had a lovely easter holiday!



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